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Reasons to Choose Pioneer Precast Products’ Compo-Girder® Channel Beams

Popular among Short Bridge Contractors & Engineers

Pioneer Precast Products’ Compo-Girder® Inverted Channel Beams consistently outperform conventional slab and box girders when it comes to bridge construction for highway, railroad, logging and mining purposes. Many contractors and engineers in British Columbia choose our channel beams because of their versatility and our competitive pricing. Other advantages that make them a popular choice for short bridge construction include:

  • Wide range of shapes & camber
  • Easy-to-install without cranes
  • Great access for “hidden” utilities
  • Unrestricted web height
  • Great aesthetic possibilities
  • High arch/camber versatility
  • Able to handle any load fatigue requirement
  • Deck can be “winged” cantilevered to accommodate roadway, sidewalk or curb

Comparing Our Channel Beams with Prestressed Beams

When comparing our inverted channel beams with prestressed box beams, you’ll find that they have a greater strength to weight ratio, which allows for fewer beams and easier handling. Additionally, there is great access for “hidden” utilities … they’re easier to load, transport and especially easier to install.

Curious about how they compare to steel beams? Shallower in depth, they offer a complete superstructure with more arch/camber versatility, enhanced durability of concrete web and a more aesthetic appearance overall.

Please contact us to inquire about pricing and availability today.

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